4 Tips For First-Time Contact Lens Users

Color contact lenses can make your eyes more lively, and can also match your makeup to create the look you want. So what should you pay attention to after receiving the item.


girl with red cosplay contact lenses


  • For contact lens case:

When the contact lens case is opened for the first time, it is best to sterilize the contact lens case and accessories in boiling water (2-3 minutes).Then put it in a cool and dry place after sterilizing, and let it dry naturally.


Green cosplay contact lenses


  • For contact lens lenses:

Before first use,fill the case with fresh cleaning solution and leave the lenses to soak for 4-8hours or overnight.Long-term disposable lenses are soaked before using , which can not only improve wearing comfort, but also good for eye health.


Yellow cosplay contact lenses


  • For contact lens cleaning solution:

Use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for colored contact lenses. Regular contact lens cleaning solutions may not be suitable for colored lenses and could damage them.After the care solution is opened, it should be placed in a dry place, and the bottle cap should be kept tightly closed when not in use, so as to prevent bacteria from entering the care solution.


Yellow and green colored lenses


  • For wearing contact lenses for the first time:

For beginners, it is recommended to start with 4-6 hours a day and increase by 2 hours a day. Normal wearing is recommended within 8 hours a day.

 girl with pink contact lenses


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